• It’s Time to Ditch the Functional Resume and Use a Chronological Format Instead
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    It’s Time to Ditch the Functional Resume and Use a Chronological Format Instead

    I have recently worked with jobseekers who have spent months trying to find a job after being unemployed and clients who are looking to switch career paths. During my time with them, I ask them to send me a copy of their resume and low and behold a significant amount of them have a functional resume. When I ask them why they are using a functional style resume… it’s usually that they have either read somewhere that it should be used to hide employment gaps, lack of experience, or when you are trying to change careers. What I find shocking is when an employment center suggests using the functional format.…

  • When Interview Go Wrong Blog Post, Job Interviews
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    When Interviews Go Wrong

    Truth be told most people (well majority of the population) have had a job interview go wrong at some point in their lives and they did not receive the job offer because of it. Even seasoned professionals who have been out in the workforce for years (and haven’t practiced interviewing skills) can fumble when they first start putting themselves out there. But I want to tell you this… When you go on a job interview and don’t receive the job offer, it is not failure, it should be used as a learning opportunity. Reflect on the interview and ask yourself what went wrong?  Maybe nothing went wrong…Or maybe you said…

  • Rookie Interview Mistakes
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    Questions That You Should Avoid Asking a Potential Employer in a Job Interview

    Don’t Get Caught Making These Rookie Mistakes in Your Next Interview! Everyone has had a moment where nerves might get the best of them during an interview. This can often lead to scrounging for questions – because you are supposed to ask the interviewer questions right? I am sure that every interview tip you have come across states that you should ask questions. Ensure that when the time comes for you to ask the interviewer questions, you follow proper interview etiquette. You wouldn’t be the first person to ask these questions and they may seem harmless. However, what seem like reasonable questions, may lead you to be unsuccessful in getting…