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Website Accounts, Access, and General Terms of Service

Account creation is required to complete transactions on our site. You are responsible for creating your login information and maintaining the login credentials as confidential.

ReRouting Inc.’s website rerouting.ca, “this site”, is available publicly to provide informational resources for “users” – the term user refers to any site visitor. Our site is available free of charge for browsing.; however, an account must be created in order to apply for postings or maintain an online candidate profile on our site. When creating a candidate account you must:

  • be a job seeker located in Canada;
  • be 16 years of age or older;
  • be actively seeking or preparing to seek employment;
  • agree that you will maintain professional, accurate, honest and up to date resumes and profiles;
  • agree to use a professional looking photo should you choose to upload one;
  • understand that your profile is saved in our system and available for review by any employers and recruiters who have a registered account on ReRouting;
  • understand that your personal contact information will be available for those viewing your candidate profile;
  • agree to follow the application process as outlined in a job posting; and
  • agree that any information posted on your resume or posted URLs do not have malicious intent.

By publishing a resume on our site you are authorizing ReRouting to make your resume available to any employer that has a registered account. All resumes will be reviewed before they are published and there may be a time delay from submission time to approval. We cannot guarantee the amount of time it will take from submission to approval.

ReRouting job alert registration only provides alerts for positions posted on ReRouting.ca. Alerts will not be triggered for positions posted by ZipRecruiter published on our site.

Although ReRouting reviews all job posts, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the job postings in which you have applied for.

We will not guarantee that by purchasing a product, viewing information on this website, or participating in our services will result in employment.

Our site is available for employers and recruiters to purchase job posting and advertising services. Purchases and services will only be provided to account holders. By creating an account you are an organization seeking candidates for vacant positions within your company or a third-party agency recruiting on behalf of clients.

When posting a job you must:

  • register an online account with ReRouting Inc.;
  • be a registered business in good standing;
  • post a complete and accurate job description for the position(s) you are hiring for;
  • agree that any information included in your job posting or attached URLs do not have malicious intent;
  • be aware that social media integration is a standard function on all job posts – which enables anyone viewing the site to share the job posting on various platforms, this function can only be disabled by contacting ReRouting Inc. directly;
  • abide by any employment legislation in the jurisdiction for which you are hiring (for example AODA – Employment Standard); and
  • provide payment for any featured job packages;
  • and, understand that job postings that appear as a result of a search are generated by the system and the order in which they appear is based on random selection.

All job postings will be reviewed before they are published and there may be a time delay from submission time to approval. ReRouting cannot guarantee the amount of time it will take from submission to approval.

Upgraded media service packages are available and access to those upgrades will only be provided upon agreement between the purchasing employer and ReRouting. ReRouting reserves the right to change fees for service, waive fees for service, or charge different fees to different site users.

We will not guarantee that by registering an account, purchasing upgrades or any additional services will result in producing suitable applicants for your job posting.

ReRouting reserves the right to terminate any account, at any time, for any reason, without notification if we have reasonable cause to believe that you failed to comply with these Terms of Service or any related policy prepared by ReRouting Inc.

ReRouting cannot guarantee that there will not be site interruptions or downtime and we will not be liable to you should the site not be available for any given amount of time.


ReRouting will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a virus or any other damaging material that may infect your computer, programs, or data. We assume no responsibility for any uploaded links to our site via resumes or job posts, this includes but is not limited to, accessibility, reliability, or accuracy.

When using various applications within our site to make contact with other account holders on our site, we are not responsible for any of your communications or communication errors or setbacks.


Our site’s content and features, including but not limited to writing, images, logos, and photographs  are owned by ReRouting Inc. and are protected by international copyright and other intellectual property right laws. Our site also hosts such content supplied by persons or companies with registered accounts and their contents are also protected by copyright laws.

Site users and account holders may print or save webpages for private use as long as the pages are not altered or modified.

Changes To Our Site

ReRouting reserves the right to change our site and services offered as we deem necessary. We also reserve the right to terminate our services without notice. We cannot guarantee that our site will only contain up to date information, and we are not required to update old web pages.

We reserve the right to amend our Terms of Service as required. As amendments are made, a date of the revision will be indicated at the end of the document or site page.

ReRouting Inc.’s business establishment is based in Ontario, Canada and governed by local laws. Any site visitors or account holders outside of this jurisdiction are required to comply with Canadian and local laws as applicable.

Last Updated: November 20, 2020