Resume Writing

Resume writing is a difficult task. This blog category covers all topics tied to writing a resume in 2020 and beyond. Student resumes template and professional resume template available for download. Resume examples are also available! If you are wondering how to write a resume...

  • for a job application?
  • in 2020?
  • for the first time?
  • for college?
  • with no experience?
Then you have come to the right place! Understanding tips, tricks, and strategies that I will reveal to help you with your job search. So you can beat the applicant tracking system (ATS) scan and wow recruiters with your resume. Using a professional resume template will increase your chances of landing a job interview. Take a look around this blog to find information about what to include in your professional resume and the best format you should you. I always recommend using a chronological resume over a functional one. I have also included resume examples.