Professional Resume Template + The Ultimate Resume Writing Guide

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What’s included in this package?

  • A Step-by-Step Resume Writing Guide that breaks down each section of a professional resume and tells you exactly how to target it for the jobs you are applying for
  • 50+ Skills to include on your resume and how to incorporate them
  • 50+ Powerful action verbs and tips on how to target them for your industry
  • Professional Resume Template – optimized for an ATS and a human resume scan (Word version)


  • A Cover Letter Template + details on what you should include in your letter
  • A Job Application Tracking Spreadsheet (Excel file) – to keep your job search organized and help you evaluate your job search strategy!
  • A resume checklist for you to review each time you are about to hit SEND!
  • A PDF printable daily planner to help you organize your day and stay productive

Documents carefully crafted by an HR Professional that will help you land your dream job. The writing guide specifically references information tied to creating a resume for students, new grads, professionals, and those looking to make a career change – with examples!

Here’s what people are saying about this package:

“I purchased the resume template +writing guide and instantly learned about where I was going wrong with my resume. Thank you for making resume writing so easy!”. -Adam S.

“Thank you Natalie! The examples you provided in the guide make it very clear and easy to understand how one is supposed to tailor their resume to the job. I read so much about it online but never really understood until I purchased your guide. Best $15 ever spent. I finally have a resume I am proud of and feel confident in.” -M. P.

“Your step-by-step resume writing guide and professional resume template was well worth the purchase! It helped me create a well formatted and tailored resume that grabbed attention. I applied to jobs more strategically and landed interviews at several companies and found the right fit for me!” – Kristen C.

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Professional Resume Template + The Ultimate Resume Writing Guidebook

Are you struggling to find a job? Have you sent out what seems like a million resumes only to get a few call-backs, or worse you’ve only heard the sound of crickets? I get ya, the struggle is real. Recruiters just don’t see that you are an amazing candidate that they NEED to interview! Well my friend, I have just the thing to help you start putting your best foot forward so you can land the job you deserve! A professional resume template and a step-by-step writing guide that will help you write your professional resume.

With my Recruiter hat on, I have carefully crafted a resume template that will help you pass resume screens – whether it is done by a human or an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Here’s the thing, resume writing is hard…until you have all of the right information to unlock the art of “resume writing”. Once you know how recruiters, hiring managers, and ATSs scan resumes, you’ll master the skill in no time!

As an HR Professional I know this template and guide will help you stand out in a sea of candidates. You can learn more about me and my credentials here.

Cheers to more job offers, with less overwhelm!!



Why isn’t there an opportunity to include a picture of myself?

In North America, you should not include a picture of yourself on a professional resume.

Why is this longer than one page?

It is perfectly acceptable to have a two page resume!

Why aren’t there trendy text boxes along the side to capsule my skills, education, and fun images for LinkedIn, phone number etc.?

Because applicant tracking systems have a hard time reading them!