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The Top 2 Job Search Websites in Canada and the USA

Whether you are just starting your job search or you have been around the block a few times and are back at it (looking for a new job), you might be questioning which job boards are “THE BEST” to use when looking for a new job. In this blog post, I’ll review with you the top 2 job search websites in Canada and the USA and my reasons behind selecting them (its not what you think).

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When starting your job search you might feel overwhelmed with where you should be looking for job vacancies.

Some job seekers worry that they might be spending too much time searching for opportunities on one board and might be missing out on positions posted elsewhere. So, you are doing “all the things” and are on every job board out there (even the small ones).

When you are on every site, doing it all to stay on top of your job search game – it can get overwhelming. If you pick one of these sites and focus your job search here… I can almost guarantee you, you will feel less overwhelmed.

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What Makes A Good Job Search Engine – Job Seeker’s Perspective

Let’s look at what makes for a good job search engine. For a job seeker, the best job search engine is going to:

  • Provide a lot of job postings (high volume of open positions) from various companies and industries
  • Have up-to-date job listings
  • A platform that is easy to use

Now if you are looking for work in a profession or industry that is very specific, you might find it helpful to look at niche job boards as part of your job search strategy. For the purpose of article, I am going to look at the job boards that will provide a mass volume of job opportunities, with up-to-date listings (jobs employers are actively recruiting for), that have created a user experience that is EASY!

Before we get started with the top 2 job search websites, I want to tell you why I have selected them…

The biggest reason is the integration with a company’s Internal Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and HRIS Systems.

As an HR professional, I remain up-to-date with recruitment tools and human resource information systems. A tid-bit of information that I want to share with you is that most companies are using Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) like Workday and BambooHR that have applicant tracking systems built-in AND integrate with job search websites. This means directing candidates to their internal applicant tracking systems (not the ATS the job boards provide).

Because the job boards are integrated, employers are frequently posting their job vacancies to these websites with the click of a selection box. Literally with a few quick clicks on their own internal system, they are feeding the job postings out to these the top job search websites … and the job search website feeds applicants back into the company’s internal applicant tracking system. Where the company can then easily convert an applicant profile, to an employee profile (once they are hired).

Because it is easy for companies to use these job boards to promote their job openings, I have selected these boards as my top 2 job search websites in Canada and the USA. If companies are frequently using them to post their jobs, you’ll have access to an abundance of job opportunities that they are actively recruiting candidates for.

The Top 2 Job Search Websites in Canada and the USA

1.      Indeed

The first up is Indeed which is well integrated with internal applicant tracking systems. Indeed is probably the most widely known job board on the market and for good reason. It is known world-wide for connecting job seekers to opportunities. Indeed has an abundance of job postings for every niche, industry, and occupation.

On Indeed, you can easily create a profile that will allow you to quickly apply for jobs. Another tool that they have integrated on their website is the ability to look at company reviews (just remember to take these with a grain of salt – not everyone has the same experience, and you don’t always know the other side).

2.      ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter has done its work to integrate with top HRIS systems used in Canada and the USA. When it comes to the candidate experience, it provides an abundance of up-to-date job posts across varying industries. You are sure to find a posting that suits the position you are looking to achieve whether it is entry-level or a senior leadership role, you are sure to find an abundance of opportunities that will spark your interest.

ZipRecruiter also allows job seekers to create an advanced profile to help you with your job search. When you set up your profile correctly, the job matching technology will help direct you to jobs that fit your experience and interests.

Finally, ZipRecruiter recommends jobs that you should apply for. You can also receive updates about the jobs you have applied for so you don’t feel like your application has gone into a blackhole. The website also allows you to save jobs that you have found and want to apply for later.

Should You Use Both of the Top 2 Job Search Websites in Canada and the USA?

The question I often get asked is…

Should I be using both of them? Job searching can be stressful and adding more balls to juggle (more sites to search) can be overwhelming.

Here is my recommendation, set up a profile on each of these sites, but don’t actively search on these sites at the same time. In other words, don’t switch back and forth to see who has what posted. If you do, you’ll likely notice there is overlap with the jobs posted on these job search websites. Which may lead to confusion.

Pick Indeed one day and ZipRecruiter the next day. Spend your time wisely focusing on one website at a time to avoid overwhelm.

Use a job application tracking spreadsheet to manage your applications so you can avoid duplicating your work. Applying for the same job twice doesn’t increase your chances. Applying to the same job twice if they appear on both websites means you’ve added more work for yourself. You can download a copy of my free job application tracking spreadsheet here to help you track your job applications.

Happy job hunting!