Job Searching

Job searching is a lot of work. This blog category is here to make it simpler! Tips, tricks, tools, and strategy to help you navigate through the world of work and assist you in looking for a job / finding a job. Secret, first step is to automate your search! Here you'll find topics on how to automate your job search, how to find a job, where you should be looking for open positions, and tools that can help you be more successful in landing a gig. You'll also find some inspiration and motivation to help you through some of the difficult times tied to being unemployed or working in a role that you are not happy in. Here are some of the common topics this blog covers that job seekers should know about job searching:

  • Job boards
  • LinkedIn
  • Agencies
  • Company career sites
  • Career fairs
  • Networking events
  • Independent contractor jobs