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    7 Tips for Students Struggling to Find Summer Jobs Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

    The Covid-19 pandemic has not only increased the Canadian unemployment rate, but it has also significantly hit students who rely on their jobs and summer jobs to pay for tuition and other student expenses. According to Statistics Canada, in March 2020 the “youth employment rate fell by 392,000”. YIKES! Students rely on their jobs to pay for tuition and other living expenses, but they also rely on these jobs to gain valuable work experience that will help them launch their careers once they graduate. If the youth employment rate has already dropped, what will it look like in the coming months? Many students rely on their summer jobs to save…

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    Young Scholar – A Non-Profit Organization Every Canadian Student Should Know About

    Young Scholar was founded by Sherry Wong in 2014. This inspiring young leader graduated high school with over $130,000 in scholarship offers. Determined to help others, she started writing articles on how to successfully apply for scholarships and post-secondary institutions. Sherry and the team at Young Scholar have established a free community resource run by students and for students. Why Should Every Canadian Student Know About this Organization? Young Scholar is a non-profit organization helping students transition into post-secondary education. The Young Scholar Team is spread out across various Canadian universities and colleges promoting the organization’s initiatives as well as setting up events to help other students along their paths. An…