• Questions to Ask a Resume Writer Before Using Their Service Blog Post
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    6 Questions to Ask a Resume Writer Before Using Their Service

    Using a resume writing service can be both a blessing, but it can also be a hindrance (if you don’t hire the right person). I am a resume writer but the truth is… using a resume writing service does not make sense for every job-seeking situation. If you are an active job seeker – it may make more sense to learn how to write your resume because you are going to have to tailor it for each position you apply for. Because of the AI that has been introduced to help recruiters perform their jobs easier, you need to adjust each resume you use when you apply for a job.…

  • It’s Time to Ditch the Functional Resume and Use a Chronological Format Instead
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    It’s Time to Ditch the Functional Resume and Use a Chronological Format Instead

    I have recently worked with jobseekers who have spent months trying to find a job after being unemployed and clients who are looking to switch career paths. During my time with them, I ask them to send me a copy of their resume and low and behold a significant amount of them have a functional resume. When I ask them why they are using a functional style resume… it’s usually that they have either read somewhere that it should be used to hide employment gaps, lack of experience, or when you are trying to change careers. What I find shocking is when an employment center suggests using the functional format.…

  • 50+ Powerful Action Verbs You Need To Use On Your Resume + Examples
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    50+ Powerful Action Verbs You Need to Use on Your Resume

    Being able to write a professional resume that is going to have recruiters reaching out to book interviews requires you to add some punch with powerful action verbs! The type of positions you are applying for will determine the action verbs you should be using – these should be included as part of your resume’s keyword strategy. Let’s learn more, look at some examples, and then we’ll get to the list of 50+ powerful action verbs you need to use on your resume! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning ReRouting Inc. gets a commission if you decide to make a purchase through links posted on this site, at…

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    How Many Jobs Should an Active Job Seeker Apply For?

    A question that I frequently get asked by job seekers is… “How many jobs should I be applying for?” Unfortunately, I cannot give you exact metrics to say that if you apply for “x” many jobs each day, you will find a job in “x” days. You could apply for a bazillion jobs a day and never get a call or email back (chances are you are applying for the wrong jobs or need a little resume refresher). But what I can tell you is this… Have you ever heard the saying looking for a job is a full-time job? It’s because it’s true! The amount of time you spend…

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    Meet Mburu Njunge – Aspiring Young Talent With Interest in IOT, Product Research, and Digital Marketing

    I first connected with Mburu when he applied for a position posted on ReRouting. When viewing his profile, I was inspired to see that at such a young age he has accomplished so much. In 2016 Mburu completed his BSc in Dryland Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture, and Enterprise Development from Kenyatta University in Kenya, Africa.  He has a passion for Agribusiness  which led Mburu to co-found ConviFarm in 2015 through an incubation program via the Waterloo- Strathmore Mobile Technology Challenge. In August 2018 Mburu moved to Waterloo, Ontario to begin a Master’s Degree after being awarded with a scholarship provided by Mastercard. Mburu is an aspiring young talent with interest in…