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    When Interviews Go Wrong

    Truth be told most people (well majority of the population) have had a job interview go wrong at some point in their lives and they did not receive the job offer because of it. Even seasoned professionals who have been out in the workforce for years (and haven’t practiced interviewing skills) can fumble when they first start putting themselves out there. But I want to tell you this… When you go on a job interview and don’t receive the job offer, it is not failure, it should be used as a learning opportunity. Reflect on the interview and ask yourself what went wrong?  Maybe nothing went wrong…Or maybe you said…

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    Student and New Grad

    Meet Crystal – A Student on a Knitting Mission

    I am so inspired by so many students that I have had the opportunity to recently connect with! Their entrepreneurial spirit and ability to set up student-run organizations, with the objective of making a difference within their communities – is simply amazing! I recently had the opportunity to connect with Crystal, a high school student with a big heart looking to help those who may be in need. Crystal has recently founded Yarn Tales, a student-run organization with several ambassadors who are helping her in her mission. Learn more about Crystal and the initiatives she is starting with Yarn Tales in the interview below. Who is Crystal and what motivates…