• Trash To-Go™ Student Spotlight ReRouting Inc.
    Work-Life Balance

    Student Spotlight – Meet Qianxu, Mitraa, and Sam Founders of Trash To-Go™

    I recently heard about this group of young students on Instagram working away in Waterloo, Ontario to develop an App that is going to help minimize single use containers! I knew I had to learn more about them, what they were up to, and how their amazing initiative would have a positive impact on our environment. Qianxu, Mitraa, and Sam founded Trash To-Go™ and have been working hard to put everything in place to launch their App. I am always astounded by the entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, and innovation that this generation of youth exude.  Join me in learning more about these 3 young entrepreneurs and their mission through the development of …

  • When Interview Go Wrong Blog Post, Job Interviews
    Job Interview Preparation,  Student and New Grad

    When Interviews Go Wrong

    Truth be told most people (well majority of the population) have had a job interview go wrong at some point in their lives and they did not receive the job offer because of it. Even seasoned professionals who have been out in the workforce for years (and haven’t practiced interviewing skills) can fumble when they first start putting themselves out there. But I want to tell you this… When you go on a job interview and don’t receive the job offer, it is not failure, it should be used as a learning opportunity. Reflect on the interview and ask yourself what went wrong?  Maybe nothing went wrong…Or maybe you said…

  • Yarn Tales Student Organization Blog Banner Image
    Student and New Grad

    Meet Crystal – A Student on a Knitting Mission

    I am so inspired by so many students that I have had the opportunity to recently connect with! Their entrepreneurial spirit and ability to set up student-run organizations, with the objective of making a difference within their communities – is simply amazing! I recently had the opportunity to connect with Crystal, a high school student with a big heart looking to help those who may be in need. Crystal has recently founded Yarn Tales, a student-run organization with several ambassadors who are helping her in her mission. Learn more about Crystal and the initiatives she is starting with Yarn Tales in the interview below. Who is Crystal and what motivates…

  • Helpful Tips for Updating Your Resume
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    Update Your Resume With These Helpful Tips

    Through my experience as an HR professional I have reviewed a lot of resumes and applicant profiles. I have also received feedback on applicant’s resumes from managers who make hiring decisions. What I know about resumes, is that there are several key factors that can hold applicants back from moving forward through the recruitment process. I wanted to share these tips to ensure you avoid the mistakes that several job applicants make! Update your resume using these helpful tips so you are getting callbacks on your job applications. Your Resume Format Should Be Consistent and Visually Appealing The structure and formatting of your resume is so incredibly important. On average,…

  • Blog Banner Tips for Students Struggling to Find Summer Jobs Through the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    7 Tips for Students Struggling to Find Summer Jobs Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

    The Covid-19 pandemic has not only increased the Canadian unemployment rate, but it has also significantly hit students who rely on their jobs and summer jobs to pay for tuition and other student expenses. According to Statistics Canada, in March 2020 the “youth employment rate fell by 392,000”. YIKES! Students rely on their jobs to pay for tuition and other living expenses, but they also rely on these jobs to gain valuable work experience that will help them launch their careers once they graduate. If the youth employment rate has already dropped, what will it look like in the coming months? Many students rely on their summer jobs to save…

  • Young Scholar Logo
    Student and New Grad

    Young Scholar – A Non-Profit Organization Every Canadian Student Should Know About

    Young Scholar was founded by Sherry Wong in 2014. This inspiring young leader graduated high school with over $130,000 in scholarship offers. Determined to help others, she started writing articles on how to successfully apply for scholarships and post-secondary institutions. Sherry and the team at Young Scholar have established a free community resource run by students and for students. Why Should Every Canadian Student Know About this Organization? Young Scholar is a non-profit organization helping students transition into post-secondary education. The Young Scholar Team is spread out across various Canadian universities and colleges promoting the organization’s initiatives as well as setting up events to help other students along their paths. An…

  • Image of Mburu Njunge
    Student and New Grad

    Meet Mburu Njunge – Aspiring Young Talent With Interest in IOT, Product Research, and Digital Marketing

    I first connected with Mburu when he applied for a position posted on ReRouting. When viewing his profile, I was inspired to see that at such a young age he has accomplished so much. In 2016 Mburu completed his BSc in Dryland Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture, and Enterprise Development from Kenyatta University in Kenya, Africa.  He has a passion for Agribusiness  which led Mburu to co-found ConviFarm in 2015 through an incubation program via the Waterloo- Strathmore Mobile Technology Challenge. In August 2018 Mburu moved to Waterloo, Ontario to begin a Master’s Degree after being awarded with a scholarship provided by Mastercard. Mburu is an aspiring young talent with interest in…

  • Rookie Interview Mistakes
    Job Interview Preparation

    Questions That You Should Avoid Asking a Potential Employer in a Job Interview

    Don’t Get Caught Making These Rookie Mistakes in Your Next Interview! Everyone has had a moment where nerves might get the best of them during an interview. This can often lead to scrounging for questions – because you are supposed to ask the interviewer questions right? I am sure that every interview tip you have come across states that you should ask questions. Ensure that when the time comes for you to ask the interviewer questions, you follow proper interview etiquette. You wouldn’t be the first person to ask these questions and they may seem harmless. However, what seem like reasonable questions, may lead you to be unsuccessful in getting…