• How To Write A Cover Letter that Stands Out Blog Post
    Resume Writing

    How to Write a Cover Letter That Stands Out

    As much as everyone hates writing cover letters when applying for jobs, you’ve gotta do it! Yes, even if it doesn’t get read. I often get the question, do recruiters and managers even read cover letters? I fully admit that I don’t read cover letters. I do read cover letters if I am trying to understand something that doesn’t make sense in a job applicant’s resume. Like for example, I would expect that if they were making a career change that it is being addressed in their cover letter. But that is ME! When I was recruiting, it wasn’t efficient for me – what I needed to see was in…

  • The Best Questions To Ask At the End of a Job Interview
    Job Interview Preparation

    The Best Questions To Ask At the End of a Job Interview

    It’s a good idea to prepare questions that you will ask at the end of a job interview to demonstrate your interest, think strategically, and prove yourself as insightful. Because that is what all job interview advice tells you… Right? As someone who sits on the other side (interviewing job candidates), I am going to tell you to not always take that piece of advice everyone seems to be sharing. You know, the interview advice that states “you need to prepare questions to ask at the end of a job interview”. I have no idea where it started or who started it… But, what I will tell you is that…