Cover Letter Template

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What’s included?

  • Professional Cover Letter Template – to match the format of the resume available in this shop
  • Detailed information within the template that explains what you should include in your cover letter

This cover letter template has been carefully crafted by an HR Professional.

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Are you struggling to find a job? Have you sent out what seems like a million resumes only to get a few call-backs, or worse you’ve only heard the sound of crickets? I get ya, the struggle is real. Recruiters just don’t see that you are an amazing candidate that they NEED to interview! Well my friend, I have just the thing to help you start putting your best foot forward so you can land the job you deserve! A cover letter template + what you should include in your letter! I’ve also written a detailed blog post on how to write a cover letter to further help you!

With my Recruiter hat on, I have carefully crafted this cover letter template that…

  • Shows you EXACTLY how to format your letter
  • Matches the resume template available in this shop
  • Tells you what you need to include in your cover letter

As an HR Professional I know this template will help you stand out in a sea of candidates. You can learn more about me and my credentials here.

Cheers to more job offers, with less overwhelm!!