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Why Post Your Jobs on ReRouting?

For employers, ReRouting is a simple and cost-effective job posting board bringing together young candidates and employers who are looking to hire the next generation workforce. Our job board focuses on jobs for both high school students and post-secondary students and grads. More specifically, part-time work, co-op jobs, articling, apprenticeships, internships, summer student jobs, and full-time jobs for new grads.

ReRouting’s goal is to help students navigate through the world of work. By providing students with support, tools, and resources to help them navigate through the world of work, we are building relationships with the candidates that become active and engaged members on

By posting your student and new grad jobs on ReRouting, you’ll have the ability to make a lasting impression by displaying your employment brand right in front of the next generation of talented job seekers.

Showcase Your Employment Brand!

On your company page list your perks and benefits, link your website and social profiles. Each job post also shows your company profile, links to social sites, and a single link to a company video. This is all available with the purchase of our most basic package!! ReRouting has lots of ways that you can engage candidates and drive top talent to apply for your positions!

As Your Jobs Get Posted, Students Are Getting Notified!

Our students are signing up for job alerts! This means they will quickly about your opportunities if your jobs match their interests!

Job Dashboard and Job Statistics

Use our applicant tracking system to manage and view applications, keep notes on candidates, and maintain their application status. Or, insert your company’s application URL to use your own ATS. With our user friendly platform, you can easily manage and edit your jobs via our job dashboard. You can also review your posting stats to keep an eye on job posting views, unique views, and applications received! This way you can see just how your job posting is performing!

Proactive Recruiting on ReRouting

We have a system where students and recent grads can create online profiles that are searchable using keywords-they are just waiting to get hired by amazing employers! When you enter a keyword, our system will scan a students profile and look within their work experience, education, and listed skills for you!

You also have the ability to review student candidates video introductions! With this feature, you’ll get some time back in your day by eliminating a lot of phone screens off your schedule!

Build your talent pipeline with our amazing students that are job ready!

Contacting Candidates is Easy!

Contact candidates in seconds with quick links to their email or easily bookmark candidates that you’d like to follow-up with later. We want students and recent grads to find jobs so we won’t hold out on that by hiding information.

Social Media 

Take advantage of our social media blasts letting job seekers know about recent job opportunities! Or, easily pull your job posts right on to your social media platforms by using our social sharing buttons.

You can also purchase some additional attention with our media packages.

Let’s get started building your talent pipeline!


 Once you have created an account, take a look at our Employer GPS to help you navigate through our website.

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