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Student Spotlight – Sarita Cuadros Sanchez

I am so excited to announce this month’s student spotlight, Sarita Cuadros Sanchez! A university student, a girl in STEM, and a science promoter who is currently working for Health Canada as a Research Assistant!

Let’s learn more about what she is up to!

Who is Sarita, and what motivated you to get into science?

I am a scientist in progress! I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in Biology with a minor in Business at Carleton University. I have always been passionate about science and about understanding the world. I was one of the only people excited about the biology, chemistry, and physics labs at my high school. I found it fascinating… all the questions that we are trying to answer every day about ourselves and our surroundings. I want to be able to understand a part of the mysteries of life. That is how I knew I wanted to go into science, and I came to Canada 4 years ago to pursue that dream.

Sarita Cuadros Sanchez

As a university student majoring in science, can you tell me about your favorite stream of science?

Yes, I have been working towards my degree for four years, and I have one more year to go. I had 3 years of courses and 1 year of co-op experience (working in my field). My favorite streams of science are cell biology and human disease. I find it fascinating how this tiny and essential part of life, which is the cell contributes to so many fundamental elements of life. One small thing that is not working correctly in the cell can cause disease, fatal consequences, or even a change in traits that we haven’t seen or discovered before. Furthermore, cell culture and tissue engineering are streams that are evolving each day, with new ways to experiment, new tools, and new discoveries. We should take a moment to appreciate every cell of our body, that is continually working to make us live healthy and happily.

What do you think your next steps will be after you complete your degree? What are your future career aspirations?

I am still indecisive about starting to work after finishing my degree or continuing my graduate studies right away. My dream is to keep doing research, but there are many decisions I need to make before that. I will complete graduate studies, but I am unsure of the timing. I am always excited about what will come!

Also, I plan to continue posting on my Instagram account and try to further improve my content to communicate research and science in the best way possible.

What inspired you to start your Instagram account @science.withoutborders and what is your mission?

I recently created a new Instagram account that focuses on science, travel, and research. I want to showcase different scientists from around the world with their research and culture. I also want to share my journey as a student, and I am excited to learn from all of the scientists about their individual paths in science. I created this account because I wanted to create a platform where I can connect scientists or people that are passionate about science and showcase their stories. I believe there is a disconnect between science and society. Science is perceived as too hard to understand or boring, and I want to be part of changing that.

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Also, science is around us every day, all the time, so I believe we should show the world how interesting it can be. My mission is to create a platform that is inclusive to everyone interested in science, to showcase different people doing science around the world, and showcase them as people with their hobbies and culture. Furthermore, I want to showcase my own journey in science and connect with other students that are going through the same path.

What are your greatest accomplishments you have made so far following your passion for science?

I believe that every accomplishment, no matter how small or big it is, it should always be celebrated. Small accomplishments are still part of the bigger picture of fulfilling your goals. But if I had to choose, the first one would be that I accomplished to adapt in another country in which I was not born and, in a language, different from my first language. I have always loved to travel and discover other parts of the world, but it is still challenging to move away from home and your family. It has been a difficult journey, but I am happy I did it. I am fortunate to be pursuing science in such a great country like Canada.

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My second accomplishment would be working in research within my field. Job searching was a complicated process, but I ended up in great places, and I am still working in one of them. Research is my passion, so being able to work in a lab doing experiments and trying to answer scientific questions is just the best thing ever.

My last accomplishment I have chosen is the fact that I created @science.withoutborders. I have always been passionate about science, and I always wanted to do something for it. Still, I was always scared to do so, as it involves putting myself out there in the eyes of many people. I feel it has been the best decision I could have made. I have met a lot of exciting researchers; but moreover, I have shared, and I am continuing to share my story as a science student, and I love it.

What advice can you give to students who may be interested in pursuing a science degree or students who might be heading off to their first year of university/college?

I would tell them not to be scared or intimidated by science. There is a wrong belief that if you study science, you do not have time for anything else, or it is too hard to understand. Yes, there are some courses and topics that require more time and dedication. However, if you are organized, you can still be involved in many different things and be good at science. Also, I would tell them to get involved in their university/college. The university experience is amazing, and there are so many cool opportunities waiting for you! Finally, I would tell them to always ask for help if they need it. Do not be shy about asking for help and guidance. There are many teaching assistants, professors, and peers that would be more than happy to help you succeed.

Well that wraps up another interview with an amazing and hardworking student who is going to accomplish great things! I look forward to continuing to follow Sarita and her passion for science and travel through her Instagram account!

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