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Resume… Challenge?

Students, Update Your Resume NOW… You’ll Be Thankful Later!

In a few weeks, which will zoom by at an incredibly fast pace, September will be upon us and school will recommence. If you are in denial, you are not the only one!

You likely spent your summer working a full or part-time job, you might have even landed you dream Internship. Before you forget all the great things you did this summer in your job, update your resume now, you will be thankful later. “They” say that if you challenge someone to do something, they are more likely to do it. So, ReRouting challenges you to update your resume! And GO! But first, hang around long enough to find out why.

Why You Should Update Your Resume Now

The best time to update your resume is when you are working in the actual job. As you complete a work project, or even your day-to-day tasks, it is in the forefront of your brain. You know what it is that you worked on, what skills you have gained, and what metrics you achieved. By waiting to make the update, you run the risk of losing this information! Even if you are not completely polishing your resume up, at least jot down what it is that you did in your summer job and make it look fancy later.

As you wrap up your summer internship, co-op placement, or job, it is a great time to speak with your Supervisor and ask them for a copy of your job description. If you are having troubles with adding details of your role to your resume, your job description can be a great reference point. Also,  ask them if they can take a few minutes to review the section of your resume that you just updated – ask if they have any feedback as to what you may have missed.

Summer job searching for University and College students begins as early as January and February, as many students know, every month is a busy month. If you are at the beginning of a semester, you are trying to figure out the course outline, get on top of reading, and you are creating calendars to ensure you meet all your deadlines. Add summer job searching to this… the last thing you want to do is have to revise your resume and recall what you did in your job last summer.

If you are in high school, the time-frame for looking for a summer position is different, but the concept is still the same. You will likely be looking for a job while you are wrapping up your school semester in the spring. You will be finishing your final course assignments and studying for exams. Make it easier on yourself and have your resume revised now, so you can apply to jobs quicker and easier when job search season begins next year!

Check out our resume checklist for more tips on preparing your resume!

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