ReRouting Inc. has assembled a network of organizations who support students and recent graduates; as well as the employers who hire them. We are actively  building relationships with organizations who are investing in the development of youth. On an ongoing basis we are looking for partners with the same goals in mind.

We are currently working in collaboration with the organizations below!

Pioneers of Tomorrow Logo


Pioneers of Tomorrow is a student-led organization that helps guide teens down their own, unique pathways to success.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Pioneers of Tomorrow seeks to ensure that all students have the necessary resources and opportunities to make integral career choices. Through panels of industry professionals, skill-based webinars, and career guidance, Pioneers of Tomorrow is dedicated to helping youth find the careers that truly suit them.

To stay up-to-date with all Pioneers of Tomorrow is doing, check out their Instagram page.

Partners International Internships Spotlight Photo Next Step Connections Logo

Next Step Connections (NSC)   is a leading Global Experiential Education organization offering ‘beyond classroom’ experiences, internships and transformative experiential programs since 2008.

NSC offers real world learning programs for students and fresh graduates, the soon-to-be the leaders of tomorrow. Program capabilities include global internships, work experience, study tours, short term programs, virtual internship projects and student employability programs. NSC is best-suited for students and young professionals looking to travel the world to build their skills in real work environments with an open heart to new experiences; those in search of diversity, of community, and of purpose.

We are committed to empowering students to meet future challenges and reach their full potential through transformative career-building and growth experiences in Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Surabaya, Kyoto, Bangkok).

Learn more about programs offered by Next Step Connections here.

Young Scholar Logo

Young Scholar is a non-profit community resource dedicated to helping students with their transition into post-secondary education, whether it be financially or otherwise.

Young Scholar was established by Sherry Wong in 2014 after graduating high school with over $130,000 in scholarship offers. With the goal of creating a free community resource run by students and for students, Sherry started writing articles on how to successfully apply for scholarships and post-secondary institutions. Stay in touch with Young Scholar by signing up for their newsletter!

From portfolio building and offering an in-house scholarship, to academics and mental health (see Project Noise), Young Scholar has become a go-to resource for students and parents.