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Employment Branding

Engaging young talent with a job post that demonstrates your employment brand is essential to not only finding candidates, but finding the best suited candidates for your organization. The next generation of job seekers are very selective in where they work, and they can be in the current job market.

Recruiters and Talent Managers are now working closer than ever with their internal marketing team or a branding consultant to develop their employment brands.

What is an employment brand?

An employment brand is the image candidates, employees, and former employees have of what it is like to work for your organization.

What makes a strong employment brand?

The use of inspirational and motivational stories that excites job seekers about your workplace and the company’s products and services contribute to a strong brand. Candidates are drawn to organizations that show employee engagement of your current staff in their day to day. This can be done by inviting the potential candidate to take a peek at team gatherings, broadcasting employee reward ceremonies and events, participation in charitable activities, and sustainability projects or programs.  Companies are leveraging social media by creating accounts specifically set up for jobseekers to get a view of what it’s like to work at their company. Take photos and videos, then post them! If you open Instagram and search “lifeat”, you’ll see companies who are showcasing their teams at work AND play. Google is doing a great job – as we would all assume! Image linked below.

Life At Google - On Instagram

Life At Google – On Instagram

Being honest about your brand is key. Take real pictures, use real quotes, and don’t embellish on perks or benefits offered. Your employment brand should match the view of your current employees. You don’t want to mislead candidates by painting an illusory picture of what it’s like to work for your organization.

Branding is an ongoing process.

You can’t just create your employment brand and walk away. It is a never-ending project that you must continue to build and alter. It is just as important to review your employment brand as it is to develop one!

Reviewing your employment brand should be an ongoing process whereby you seek feedback from your current employees to ensure that the brand is in-line with how they feel about working for the company. Get feedback from employees on their way out the door during exit interviews – maybe if they have a vent session they will be less likely to post it on the web. You should also have a process in place to review the company’s online reputation. Websites like Glassdoor are commonly used by candidates, employees, and former employees to anonymously review a company or search for reviews provided by others. When they are searching, they are looking to validate your employee value proposition vs. the reality of the reviews. Moreover, they are looking to gather information as to whether they feel it would be the right place for them to work.

Make it real, tell stories, inspire and motivate!


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