Posting Jobs and Tracking Applicants on ReRouting is Easy!

  1. Sign up for an employer account
  2. Create a captivating job post
  3. Manage posts and track applications in your job dashboard
  4. View job post stats via the stats dashboard
  5. Proactively recruit by reviewing candidate profiles

Step #1 – Sign Up For An Employer Account

When you create an account, you are under no obligation to post a job. Take a look around, see some of the functionality ReRouting offers, and determine if the system is the right fit for you and your hiring needs. This job board is ideal for entry-level jobs for students and recent graduates.

Step #2 – Create A Captivating Job Post!

Your job posts contain promotional materials about your employment brand. How you complete your posts will make it easier for candidates to find you in their searches. But most importantly, your posts should tell potential candidates a story of what it is like to work for your company, in the given position,  and get them excited about the opportunity!

It’s a tough market out there and finding great candidates doesn’t have to be hard! Use ReRouting’s full functionality to get candidates heading your way!

Some information is straightforward, for what is not, we have provided tips below!

JOB TITLE – Any easy one! Remember, this is an entry-level role. Ensure the title reflects that!

LOCATION – The location of the actual job that you want the map to pick up. Our map plots the jobs and candidates can zoom in on specific locations. It will form a cluster around the densely populated areas with postings. Enter an exact address to captivate candidates looking for local work. If you enter “city, province” the map will locate the city centre and locate the job there. At a minimum enter city, province.

EMAIL/URL – Applications will be stored in our system for you to review. You can have them also apply directly to your applicant tracking system if a URL is provided.

JOB REGION  For Canadian employers, select the province of the job or a relevant area. International employers, select the most relevant location. If you’d like us to add any, please contact us!

JOB TYPE  You can only select from the drop-down here. Multi-select is enabled. Please select ALL relevant types. Current selection: Apprenticeship, Articling, Co-op, Full Time, International, Internship, Part Time, Summer Student Job, and Volunteer.

JOB CATEGORY  You can only select from the drop-down here. Multi-select is enabled. Please select ALL relevant categories. When students search jobs by category, only categories with active postings will appear. Please contact us if you feel additional categories would better describe your position.

DESCRIPTION BOX 1  This is where you will enter the job description. Before listing the details of your role, start with a summary to pump up the role! Be sure to include headings as required and check for spelling/grammatical errors. We expect resumes to be perfect and great candidates equally expect companies to take pride in their postings. Search Engine Optimization Tip: Jobs posts with 300+ words are better picked up in random searches.

Company Details will only have to be entered once. The information will self-populate every time you post a job and it will be available to edit as required.


DESCRIPTION BOX 2 – Use this section to summarize your company and build your employment brand. Literally tell them a story about what you do, your values, and why someone would want to work for your company. Have an Instagram page? Add your link and ask candidates to follow you!

LINKS  Video, website, and social media, why not use them all? This will provide candidates with quick links to visit your web and social media pages to learn more about your company. When adding social media please copy and paste the url to your page as there will be less room for error.

LOGO – Your company logo will appear on every job posting and as well on your company page. Select the best quality image in .jpeg or .png file format. For the social media sharing buttons to work properly, your image must be at least 400×400 pixels.

Step #3 – Manage Posts and Track Applications

Manage Job Screen ShotUse your job dashboard to edit job posts, duplicate job posts, delete job posts, view your listing expiry information, see how many page visits Job applications employer detailyour job post has had, and view your applications.





Expand the applications detail with a simple click on the # of applications.  From here, you can preview applicant resumes, rate candidates, input application status, make notes, and contact candidates via email. You can also download an csv file of applications!

Step #4 – View Job Post Stats From Your Stats Dashboard

See how your job post is performing. Track the number of views and unique views you are getting!

Step #5 – Proactively Recruit Candidates That Have Completed Online Resumes

Candidates are completing online profiles to get found by you!

Search profiles by entering keywords or by location. Better yet, click on a Candidate’s profile, from their profile, click on a skill they have entered in their list and ReRouting’s system will return all other profiles that have indicated that skill! AWESOME RIGHT?