Searching and Applying for Jobs on ReRouting is Easy!

  1. Sign up for a candidate account
  2. Create an awesome online profile
  3. Request your free resume review
  4. Search for jobs and apply
  5. Set up job alerts to get notified of new posts

Step #1 – Sign Up For A Candidate Account

Step #2 – Create An Awesome Online Profile! 

Brad Sample Online Resume

Visit ReRouting’s “Submit Profile” page to create a resume using our fillable form. By using the form, your online resume will look just as great as Brad Sample’s.

Use all the fields available. It shows you care and took the time to create a profile; also, you have a better chance of being found by recruiters running searches for candidates.

You can always go back and maintain your profile via the “Candidate Dashboard”. You can also create two separate profiles if you are open to different opportunities and plan to target your resume towards the various positions that may be of interest. Just ensure you use the correct profile when applying for positions!

Some information is straightforward, for what is not, we have provided tips below.

REGION – Recruiters from all over could be searching for you. Indicate the region in which you would be willing to work in. For example, if you are a Canadian looking to teach in South Korea, select “South Korea” for the given resumeSince you can create multiple profiles, and tailor them to your job interests, select what region that specific profile is meant for.

PROFESSIONAL TITLE – You may not have a professional title yet, but use this section to illustrate what job you are looking for. Or, use Student, it is perfectly acceptable!

LOCATION – Enter your current location of residence. Include your city and province for example “Toronto, Ontario”.

PHOTO – Using a photo makes your resume more personal. A professional photoshoot is not required, but ensure it is a tasteful picture and that you are appropriately dressed. 

RESUME CONTENT – Use this section to provide additional information about yourself. This can include a summary of who you are, your employment and career goals, education and course focus, links to publications, or additional qualifications. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE HERE. We will ask for it later!

SKILLS – Enter a minimum of your 3 top skills. This is what the system pulls from when recruiters search by skill. If information is missing it will be harder for them to find you!

URLs –  Use this section to add a portfolio, include websites that you have designed, links to your research/publications, etc. Anything relevant!

EDUCATION – This should be straightforward. Be sure to include your main area of study (course focus or relevant course list) in the “notes”.

EXPERIENCE –  Again, straightforward. But be sure that your experience is listed in chronological order (your most recent experience first). If you need to rearrange it, no need to retype it. Just drag and drop the boxes in the correct order. Summarize your responsibilities and position achievements in the “notes”.

UPLOAD YOUR RESUME – This is where you can add your resume document. PDF always looks better, so please convert your Word doc before uploading!

Step #3 – Your Free Resume Review

To take advantage of ReRouting’s free resume review service, complete your online profile and upload your resume – then contact us. In the form’s “message” field, write REVIEW MY RESUME PLEASE! We will be sure to get back to you with a warm welcome to ReRouting and feedback on your resume.

Step #4 – Search For Jobs And Apply Directly

Map ReRouting Candidate How to SearchThere are various ways you can search for jobs:

  • Use the map to zoom in on specific locations of interest (or enter a location in the search bar);
  • Enter keywords to match key terms associated with jobs;
  • Search by category (specific categories will only appear if there is an active job post that supports a given category); or
  • Select the job type that you are looking for – Apprenticeship, Articling, Co-op, Full Time, Part Time, International Job Opportunities, Internship, Summer Student Job, or Volunteer Opportunity.


Step #5 – Set Up Job Alerts 

Don’t see a job that you are currently interested in? Then be sure to set up alerts on your “My Job Alerts” page. Alerts can be specified for regions, job categories, and job types. For additional match-making technology you can also indicate keywords that ReRouting will scan job posts for. Get notified daily, weekly, or biweekly…your choice!