ReRouting is an online career resource and inspiration centre targeting Canadian students and graduates. Our goal is to help students navigate through the world of work as they start searching for employment.

Our one of a kind Road Map Series is designed for students with busy schedules. Together, we start with career discovery and develop a path forward.

AND…when candidates are ready to start their job search, we connect them with employers looking to hire through our online job board.

Our job board focuses on entry-level jobs for students and recent graduates (high school, college, and university). More specifically, internships, co-op placements, apprenticeships, articling, part-time work, full-time work, summer student jobs, volunteer opportunities, and international (work abroad and experiential learning) opportunities.

For employers, ReRouting is a simple and cost-effective job posting board bringing together young candidates and employers who are looking to hire the next generation workforce.

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Natalie Groenig Founder, ReRouting Inc.

Image of Natalie Groenig



In my years as an HR practitioner, I noticed a common trend among students within the workforce – they were anxious about their future and path forward, but moreover, they needed additional support. Moreover, I want to help remove stigmas around career paths, levels of education, and help them define their own vision of success.

In 2018 I was inspired to start ReRouting Inc. to be able to connect with with youth and help them navigate through the world of work!!


What’s with the name ReRouting?

If you look-up the word “rerouting” you will find variations of the definition. Two of the variations that resonate with me are 1. to send someone along a different route, and 2.  the act of choosing a different path. The definitions will make sense if you continue to read my story.

How ReRouting Inc. came to fruition.

When I graduated University with a BA in Psychology and Criminology, I thought I had it all figured out. I wanted to be a social worker with a local Children’s Aid Society to advocate for children and families that needed my help. But before going to get my MSW, I would work for a few years to get some field experience, pay off my debt, then go back to school. I quickly got my first job, which I thought was my dream job; I was working as a Child and Youth Worker at a group home. It took me six months and being one of the longest standing CYWs at the home to realize that this was not my path…

I felt lost, without direction, and that I spent the last four years focusing my course load on something that I did not want to pursue. I decided I would take some time to really think this through and went out on an adventure to South Korea to take an ESL teaching gig. It was such a great experience and a breath of fresh air. I was able to escape the reality I faced of not knowing what I wanted to do while being able to travel and make a really good income. I literally wouldn’t have been able to pay off my student debts as quickly as I did if I hadn’t gone on this adventure!

After doing some soul searching, I decided to take a post-grad program in Human Resources Management. I started the program while in South Korea and was able to write my first round of exams when I got back home – things were looking up! I started applying for “any job” with what I believed was a decent resume (I had lots of work experience having held a part-time job since I was 14 years old). For about every 50 resumes I sent out, I would maybe get one interview. WHAT WAS I DOING WRONG?

Months of job searching while I attended school part-time went by and that feeling like I was going nowhere came back around. Then the phone rang…

It was my friend’s mom who was managing an Inventory Control department, she knew I was looking for work and needed someone to come in and catch up on filing and run basic inventory reports. Not my dream job, but sign me up! I had heard a term before that explained this – foot in the door?  That is exactly what it was.

I proved my strong work ethic, attention to detail, ability to learn computer programs quickly, and got my hands into any additional work they would give me. Sure enough while I was there an HR Administrator position became available and ten years and several promotions later, I found myself as a Certified Human Resources Leader and Sr. HR Generalist for a wonderful company and a boss that cared so much about developing me as a young professional.

What I realized through my experience and from watching others’ careers progress, is that you don’t always end up where you thought you’d be or in a career you went to school for. In order to grow and progress as individuals, we need change, we need to be pushed out of our comfort zones and learn something new.

You may question what you are doing, but that is okay! You’ll experience forks in the road that seem confusing, but you are only building your decision making skills. You may re-evaluate your education and career decisions, but self-reflection is a competency that you should embrace. It’s okay to have career changes and to choose different “paths”.

Throughout my years of experience in human resources, I have had the opportunity to provide coaching, feedback and direction to many students. I enjoyed it so much that in 2018 I began to build this website with the hopes of helping students and recent grads find their way through the world of work and reroute them onto their own career paths.

Additionally, I look forward to working with employers who share the same goals of developing the next generation workforce.  Let’s work together to help them on their journeys through the world of work.